Tianjun ceramic matt brick anti - fouling test

Matt brick, that is, matte side of the tile, light reflection coefficient is very low, the biggest advantage is used for decoration will not cause light pollution, will not stimulate the human eye, can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere of life. With the development of social change, 80,90 has gradually boarded the stage of the times, most of the pursuit of this group of people is a natural, comfortable concept of life, so matt brick natural light experience has become a lot of people preferred. But in the public concept, the matt brick anti-fouling coefficient is relatively weak, thus limiting the development of matte bricks.

But recently, this category has become a sub-tiles of revolutionary changes, Tianjun ceramics as ceramic industry in the polished tiles experts, with its many years of production experience and concentration, independent research and development of 99% anti-fouling matte, To solve the problem of poor anti-fouling performance of matt brick.

Recently, the ceramic network specifically on the days of ceramics this series of matte tiles made anti-fouling test, for everyone to verify the days of ceramics this 99% anti-fouling anti-fouling anti-fouling ability!

Tianjun Yaguang Antifouling Test

Test Products: Matte Brick Series

Evaluation time: May 24

Product Specifications: 600x600mm

———————————————————————————————————|Soy sauce test

Before antifouling test

Other brands matt brick (left) and Tianjun ceramic matt brick (right)

Comparison after testing

Tile cleaning has always been a must for consumers to choose tiles. Many people say that the anti-fouling properties of matt brick loss to polished tiles, that day ceramic ceramic matt brick test results is what?

We used the surface of soy sauce in the form of anti-fouling performance test, because the soy sauce is not only with black stains, but also with oily, put a long time difficult to erase, easy to leave stains.

In the experiment, we saw that after pouring soy sauce and put aside half an hour after wiping, Tianjun ceramic matt brick still maintained a beautiful surface, but other brands of products stains significantly affect the appearance, so Tianjun Ceramics Matt brick 99% anti-fouling performance, it really extraordinary.

___________________________________________________________________|Coffee test

Other brands matt brick (left) and Tianjun ceramic matt brick (right)

Other brand test animation

Tianjun Matt bricks test chart

Comparison after testing

Tile products are used in the living room, study and TV, sofa backdrop, often with coffee or tea touches the tiled surface. If it is a general matt brick, once the seepage is difficult to care. Then Xiaobian with coffee in other brands of matt bricks and days Chun matt brick after a few minutes, gently wipe, Tianjun matt brick no stains, showing that the product is very stain-resistant, easy to care The

___________________________________________________________________|Oil pen test

Other brands matt brick (left) and Tianjun ceramic matt brick (right)

Other brands of matt bricks wipe moving map

Tianjun matt brick wipe moving map

Comparison after testing

Tile cleaning has always been a problem of housewife headache, especially home with children, see them holding a pen everywhere scribble, think after taking a long time to clean. In order to verify the anti-fouling properties of Tianjun ceramic matt brick, we used the "clean nemesis" of the oily pen in the tile surface to write the font, 10 minutes later, just a simple wipe gently wipe, it is very clean.

___________________________________________________________________|Comprehensive reviews

There is no comparison there is no harm, although it is a joke, but the ceramic net on the days of the matte tiles of anti-fouling test enough to change the public on the poor performance of the matt brick anti-fouling, the facts are better than eloquent, in this advertising sky The era of flying, Tianjun ceramics with iron in fact the fact that it proved superior quality.