Cross-border communication

In today's rapid development of the Internet and large data age, building materials, home channel marketing era has come, to strengthen the building materials industry and material supply chain Unicom has become an urgent need. June 26 afternoon, Chile made the Union and China Resources Network and his party is located in the China Ceramics Expo City Tianjun ceramic marketing center to visit and learn to strengthen cross-border exchanges, a total opportunity to find cooperation. Tian Jun Ceramics General Manager He Jiaye led the team warmly received the guests.

Team visit Tianjun ceramic marketing center exhibition hall, the exhibition hall neatly arranged products, bright environment makes the whole space is very open and the atmosphere, simple paving and no sense of fashion and luxury, unique Tianjun temperament to the guests left a deep impression

Zhizaolianmeng:through the sharing of resources, complementary resources to help the ceramic industry to optimize resources, control costs and increase sales. It is a group of manufacturers, media alliances, industry alliances, procurement alliance portfolio.

Huachen net: full name "Beijing in the installation of China Network Technology Co., Ltd.", is committed to the country's well-known building materials manufacturers directly through the online platform for the decoration company, to achieve production enterprises and decoration business procurement between the seamless docking, The largest decorative material one-stop sourcing platform! Through the national material supply system, for the decoration enterprises to provide budget, selection, procurement, capital, warehousing, logistics, management and other comprehensive butler service.

Tianjun ceramic staff patiently to introduce the product to the guests, members of the material on the Tianjun ceramic products show a strong interest, every member of the list of products to listen carefully to explain.

Tian Jun Ceramics, general manager of Mr. He Jiaye to Zhi Zhi Union, Huayi network team briefly introduced the development process of Tianjun ceramics, so that guests on the formation of a certain brand of Tianjun cognition. Tianjun ceramics to introduce a number of Italian production lines, technology and technology to professional production of polycrystalline powder, solid color brick, spot particles, pearl jade and other polished tiles series, widely used in various projects, home decoration.

Tianjun in the continuous increase in product development, technology, quality, service on the road of independent innovation, through unremitting efforts and quality witness, in the industry and consumers in establishing a good reputation.

He also lectures on the field of some practical tiles knowledge dry goods, deepened Zhi Zhi Union and Huayu network members for the understanding of the field of ceramics for the two sides to form a strategic partnership to lay a solid foundation.

Said that the direct touch is to understand the most intuitive way to understand a piece of ceramic tile good and bad, many times are touched by a touch. Tianjun ceramic matt brick new products relative to the traditional matt brick in terms of color, bending and other aspects of the quality of the upgrade, the anti-pollution rate of up to 99% is far ahead of the industry level.

Everyone together for the days Chun point praise, hope Tianjun ceramics continue to maintain a high level of product quality. Wine is also afraid of alley deep, look forward to the days of Chun and intellectual alliance and the further cooperation of China and China, the real realization of ceramic enterprises and decorative enterprises between the seamless procurement, so that more consumers can use the same as Tianjun ceramics With excellent quality products.