Brand everywhere in the pan-marketing era, Tianjun adhere to the quality of speaking

Quality dedication

Tianjun ceramics since its inception, has been the quality of the product has a very strict requirements, products from raw materials to finished products experienced by each process must undergo a rigorous testing. The quality of the dedication makes Tianjun ceramics in the industry to form a good brand reputation, Tianjun ceramics has become a synonym for high quality.

At the same time, Tianjun ceramics or new areas of the pioneers, good at challenges may not be possible. When the industry's matt brick products are still subject to the problem of unsatisfactory anti-fouling problems, Tianjun ceramics 99% anti-fouling tiles turned out, away in the forefront of the industry.

Character style

He always as the general manager of Tianjun ceramics, deep into the company's daily operations, the company's strategic direction and future planning, and so are thoroughly cooked in the heart. Recently, He always accepted the exclusive interview with the ceramic network, through the lens to the industry about the product of Tianjun ceramic products, corporate culture and so on.


In order to verify the Tianjun ceramic matt brick 99% of the anti-fouling ability is exaggerated, the ceramic network reporter also specifically for its anti-fouling ability of the test. In the test, whether it is coffee, soy sauce or oil pen can not do anything Tianjun ceramic matt brick, just wiping a cloth gently, Tianjun ceramic matt bricks immediately restored the clean surface. So strong anti - fouling ability to field test of the ceramic net reporter tut praise, said: "99% anti - pollution really well - deserved reputation!