[Big size pattern] Tianjun new listing, feel the advanced beauty of plain aesthetics

Senior gray, has always been the designer sought after color tones, between black and white with the color, mysterious, deep, elegant. Gray is a perfect color, timeless and classic, suitable for any space and any decorative style. It is suitable for modern simplicity and also suitable for country style. In addition, gray items have scratches and spots will not be obvious. So on the ground to build, may wish to try advanced gray to enhance the overall home temperament.

Gray tiles high-end atmosphere, it color wild, strong color in front of it will appear eclipsed. It is simple but also let it itself more charming charm.

Gray gives people the space to think, simple gives a quiet desire. High gray to the people meditation, moody space in the gray tone to calm down to become quiet.

Advanced gray durable, not impetuous. Leading the trend of the trend of the top position, like the classic never out of date. When your family did not choose to use a specific color when the mix, may wish to choose gray tiles to decorate it, will give you an unexpected effect.

Product Code: HB612101

In the aesthetic habits of people, for the gray tone of the more from the psychological and visual comfort brought about by the "high gray" embodies a variety of color fusion after the best effect, clean and pure, while gray Color can also pass the warm and warm warm, all of these subjective color feel, and ultimately are Tianjun ceramics into 1200 * 600 light gray solid color products. Tianjun Ceramics 1200 * 600 light gray solid color products, through the body texture, inside and outside the same, color and texture of the overall design space for the innumerable possibilities, arbitrary cutting are no compromise tile unity, to ensure that you enjoy the gray high A sense of nobility, so you "big" and different texture of life.

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