Tian Chun glacier stone translucent the beauty of your life

Glacier stone

Colorless and transparent, well-crystallized calcite crystals. This kind of calcite has a wonderful feature, that is, through it can see the object was double image. Therefore, glacier stone is an important optical material.

The light of all things

Light, diffuse world colorful

Light, refraction of life philosophy

The world is not light, heaven and earth stop

Home no light, life is dim


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Tianjun Glacier Stone

Such as snow and ice as clear and transparent

To crystal Yao fashion sense of light

Let the home space full of warm crystal light

Unique elegance

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The same time as the above-

Nature, the time is recorded

Tianjun, care is life



The same time as the above-

Tianjun Glacier Stone

From the real stone

Better than real stone

With the texture records of years of deposition

Describe the beauty of life with tiles