【Tianjun Ceramics】 turned to meet the spring bloom

Lake on the spring like to draw, chaos around the horizontal shop.

Pine mountain mountain thousands of heavy Tsui, month wave heart beads.

Blue carpet line pumping early rice, green pilgrimage exhibition new Po.

Failed to throw Hangzhou to go, half of the stay is the lake.

- Tang Bai Juyi "Spring on the lake"

Spring is always quietly, in unknowingly, the grass has been secretly drilled from the land, tender, green; wind quietly quiet, grass soft; peach, apricot, pear, Red like fire, pink like sand, white like snow; wild flowers everywhere, rape flowers bright and colorful, with a sweet taste. All this is like a full baptism of life bustling picture, giving the feeling of so pleasing, so vibrant.

Through the cool autumn, winter cold, not enough time to think about it, turned around, and meet with the spring met. As we all know, spring is the most beautiful season of the year, through the past few literati poet exhausted all the good words and phrases to describe, praise the spring. Spring is good, but also easy to die, from the first month Mengchun to February Zhongchun, and finally to the March spring, this short March, how do we keep the spring?

Tianjun ceramics, to help you keep the spring, for you to create a "spring filled" space. Spot particles series, little bit of the pattern is like the rain that rain, the wind drifting, moisten things silent, so you feel like being among the spring and drizzle, enjoy the feeling of Ruoyouruowuowu gentle.

When the spring sunshine came in, that thick rain into a little light, dotted in the surrounding space, the sun can be unbridled in your side by the waves, this warm feeling can let you wholeheartedly relax, with this Spring wandering in your blood.

Seven or eight stars days, two or three rain before the mountain. With Tianjun spot particles tiles decorated your home, it seems that the night has become a different flavor. The light to the little bit of the particles reflect the weak light, where the place, like the sky Yinhan, flash, both the spring night in the dim, fine listening, the window if a frog sound.

With the days of ceramics, your home will become the corner of the spring, gently turned, they have been able to see the blooming spring.