Bid farewell to the cold to the Sabah to say a walk away

I feel that they may have a holiday, has not yet begun to end.
Last year, a popular saying: "the world is so big, I want to see"
Can Xiaobian not enough time to plan where to look at the time,
The date of the start "Duang" is coming!

And during the Spring Festival

Tianyu Ceramics for the staff to provide a

A friendly trip to the sunny beaches



It was a pleasant trip,

It is a business care for the feelings of employees

Rich family of amateur cultural life,

Let the family in the spare time to relax,

Enhance the exchange and communication between family members,

So that everyone with a higher enthusiasm into the future work.


You are frozen in the country

He wore short sleeves in Sabah

That is the trip

Days domain people

In that place where the sea days

Enjoy a meter of sunshine

Explore the underwater world

Feel the diving fun

Life, in addition to work, there are poems and distant.

Tianyu ceramic let you have the cause of satisfaction,

While giving you the enjoyment of life,

One has both prospects and strength

Both passion and vitality, but also understand the life of the enterprise,

This is everyone in the eyes of heaven domain ceramics.